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Secure Shopping

Whitehats is always committed to its clients in order to provide service that secures our client’s best interest.

Security of personal data

Whitehats take the security of the information passed on to us by our clients very seriously. All the information (contact information, delivery address, account details) of our clients remain safe in our database. We’ll not provide any such information to any 3rd party until and unless authorized by clients themselves.

Shipping company

Shipping details like contact number and address can be forwarded to the company who is to serve the purpose of shipping but the mutually agreed SLA among that company and Whitehats categorically refrains them as well from sharing such information to any person who is not concerned with the shipping of the product.


Dully filled invoice showing the quote and payment of the price of the product (including the shipping cost) will be sent to the client in order to provide our client with genuine receipt and proof of the purchase made from Whitehats. As for now, there is no service for online purchasing so the security of account and financial information of our clients is also ensured in a much better way.